Can I Become a Bell Ringer?

Bell ringing is something which most people can learn to do. There is no specific age range, but we would say that someone can start from about age 10. Adults can learn too. Ringing helps keep you fit in body and mind being good, gentle upper body excercise, not forgetting the steps to climb, and it requires some mental agility.

Bell ringing needs to be learnt. It isn’t simply pulling on a piece of rope. But we have qualified ringers who are members of the Association of Ringing Teachers and they will guide you through a structured process of handling and controlling a church bell. It takes about 10, weekly one hour lessons to achieve the first stage of learning but during that time you will get to meet the other ringers and begin to understand what ringing is all about.

Although we ring for church services many ringers don’t attend them but are nevertheless contributing to the life of the church through their ringing. Church bells are the sound of the church and, just as importantly, our local community.

When you become a bell ringer you will be part of a special group of people with opportunities to ring with others in towers all over the country and abroad.

If you have any questions please contact us but also see our FAQs for more information.