The church has a Safeguarding Policy which covers all activities sponsored by the Parochial Church Council.

The Tower Captain, Deputy Tower Captain and bell ringing trainers have been approved by the PCC to carry out their duties in the tower and each has been appropriately recruited and trained according to their role.

The church has a dedicated Safeguarding Officer who regularly reviews policy and other essential documents for use by leaders of groups which may include young people and vulnerable adults.

Anyone who regularly teaches, trains or supervises children must have a DBS check done through the PCC, which must be renewed every three years. Ringers in general supporting roles or who only undertake one-off teaching/deputising do not need DBS checks.

The parent or guardian of each young ringer must complete the Permission to Ring form and these are retained by the Tower Secretary.

General Guidance for Tower Officers and Trainers

  • Always obtain written parental consent to teach children
  • Ensure two adults are present when teaching children (preferably one male and one female)
  • The tower should keep an attendance register in case records need to be referred to.
  • Ask parents to complete a consent form for special events e.g. overnight stay away.
  • Ensure agreement is made with parents about delivering and collecting chldren from the tower.

Further Reference

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