What’s in the Tower?

Important Notice:

Access to the tower by visitors and contractors must be authorised and supervised due to trip hazards, moving equipment and unfamiliarity with the environment. Conducted tours are sometimes arranged and these are held according to Ecclesiastical Insurance guidelines.

Access to the Tower – A Brief Tour

The Ringing Room

Twelve steps from the ground floor will take you to the ringing room. This room was built in 2005 when the tower arch screen was installed.

This is where the action takes place! It is also somewhere where we can display our ringing paraphernalia including photographs, certificates and ringing records.

The bell ropes with their green, red and white sallies coming straight down from the bells two floors above.

The Clock Room

A further 18 steps takes you to the “clang and clatter” room where the clock gently ticks and chimes every hour. Every threes hour the chiming apparatus plays one of five tunes accompanied by yhe sound of the whiring winding motor and the rattling catenery connecting levers to chime hammers for the bells.

The clock room also displays a selection of obsolete clock parts, discarded when replacements were fitted, and the old stays and sliders and the wheel and headstock of the tenor from the 1895 restoration. There is room for a small number of visitors to see the clock and chimes in action.

There is also a small “warning” bell on the wall, a throw back to the late 19th century when the bells were rung from this floor. This room was empty until the bells were re-hung in 2000 when the clock was moved from the room above to make way for the new bell installation.

The Clock Room (click here for photos and videos)

The Belfry

The belfry is reached by climbing another 11 steps and a small scramble takes the visitor alongside the bells.

This is the “noisy” room and strictly no admittance without supervision. There is a danger from fast moving objects and very loud noises. Ear defenders are provided! Here you will see our six ringable bells in a metal bell frame and the ropes around the bell wheels coming up from the ringing room.

Details of the bells can be found here.

The Belfry (cllick here for photos and videos)

The Old Belfry

Access to the old belfry is a further 25 steps, which become a little steeper. Entry into this room is through a very small hatch and visitors are not usually allowed into this part of the tower. Timber boarding protects the visitor from falling into the old bell frame, which is dated 1658.

The bells were re-hung into a new metal bell frame in 2000. A new No3 bell was cast to replace the existing one which is still in situ here and is swing chimed as the 5-minute bell before church services.

The Old Belfry (click here for photos)

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