Fees for Training

We offer training to new ringers at a mutually convenient time, and we ask for donations as follows:

  • New ringers with little or no experience – The first lesson is free, then £60 for ten one hour sessions. The training will be 1:1 (Under 18s must be accompanied by parent/guardian) and will include an understanding of safety in the tower, safeguarding (if appropriate), the basics of bell handling. A progress log book will be provided together with access to further reading and training aids.
  • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. A plan should be agreed between the tower and the candidate in order to achieve the relevant award. A negotiated fee may be charged.
  • New ringers – further training, if the ringer is from a different tower. Further lessons to be negotiated according to progress in the initial ten sessions. Improvers – those who can ring but wish to develop their bell control. £5 per hour. This will be taylored to suit the needs of the ringers and might include excercises such as dodging, place making, ringing up and down and use of the simulator.
  • Listening Skills – £5 per hour. The use of the simulator to develop listening skills using short touches or a quarter peal.

All training sessions will be supervised and all fees are payable to Great Gransden Bell Fund

For further details please contact us

Fees Payable to Ringers

  • Weddings. Ringers are paid expenses to ring for weddings and an amount of the total fee is paid into the Bell Fund. The current total amount payable is £200. This equates to £20 per ringer with £80 going into the fund.
  • Funerals. We rarely ring for funerals and we do not fix a charge for doing so. However, should a contribution be offered we request £60 for the Bell Fund.

Fees Charged to Visitors

  • Visiting Ringers. Traditionally ringers visiting during an outing leave a donation to the tower. We continue to accept donations but suggest a minimum of £10 per group.
  • Quarter Peals. Quarter peals ring by visiting bands – £1 per ringer.
  • Peals. Peals rung by visiting bands – £5 per ringer.

Fees Review

All fees are reviewed annually to keep in line with other local towers and national guidelines.

Fees payable to the ringers for weddings etc are referred to and agreed by the incumbent and Parochial Church Council.

Reviewed 27 April 2023