Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Sheila and Phillip George were married in Great Gransden church on 7th October 1972. They rang for their own wedding and then a quarter peal band took over ringing 1260 Plain Bob Minor before attending the reception.

Phillip ringing the tenor and Sheila the treble immediately after their wedding.
Standing: Chris Corby, George Bonham, John Griffiths, David Howell.

Fifty years on the 7th October 2022 they rang another quarter peal. This time with another couple celebrating their Golden Anniversary on the same day.

Quarter Peal band 7th October. Phillip & Sheila were joined by Catherina, James Gamble (right) and John & Cass Boocock who were also celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday the 8th there were further ringing celebrations when a date touch of 1972 changes was rung, this time including daughter and son in law Rebecca and Mark Banner, and two of our ringing friends Catherina Griffiths and Naomi Laredo. The method rung was Cambridge Surprise Minor.

Fifty years on after ringing the date touch.
Back: Phillip, Rebecca, Mark. Front: Catherina, Sheila Naomi.

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