A Level 1 Certificate and Two more New Learners

Well, what a busy and exciting time we are having in the tower at the moment.

Josh has just achieved his level one certificate in the Learning the Ropes scheme. This is quite a tough call which covers all the basic skills required to safely handle a bell. Josh has worked hard and has also done a lot of research into ringing, often asking about specific aspects of the art. He is currently learning call changes and is generally consolidating his bell control. He has already started on level two by introducing additional ringing skills such as place making and dodging. Onwards and upwards Josh!

In the last two weeks we have been teaching two more new ringers. Siobhan and Steve are setting out on their journey of doscovery after being put in touch with us by the Association of Ringing Teachers. They had responded to the Ring for the King appeal for new ringers. As with many new ringers their first visit to the tower was an education in itself but we were able to explain a lot about bells and ringing, and they grasped the nettle and have completed two training sessions so far.

As we move into spring we are planning new ringing activities. Tricia is organising our spring mini outing in April and we are preparing for the coronation weekend when all our ringers will be ringing for the king.

Here are photos taken at practice on Thursday 16th March when we rang Grandsire 5, Plain Bob 5, and Call Changes. And of course there were sweets at half time!

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