Ringers’ Annual General Meeting 2022

Maundy Thursday is the tradition date for holding our AGM. There is no open ringing during Holy Week and although the date varies year on year we find it a convenient time to meet socially as well as to transact our business. After Covid, for the first time in two years we were able to meet in person and, as usual, Nutbells was the venue.

Light refreshments are ready for the ringers at Nutbells

We welcomed our new ringer, Mirjam (Miriam), and Georgia introduced us to her new baby, Finley. Apologies were recieved from Julia, Christine and Alasdair.

The statutory agenda items were quite quickly dealt with. Minutes, reports and accounts having been circulated beforehand to save time and we only had to approve them at the meeting. David’s (Deputy T/C) report, summarising our activities during 2021, can be found here.

Sheila G (T/C) commented how much everyone’s support if valued, for without it there would be no ringing. The ringers enjoy their time in the tower and were very happy to re-elect Sheila as T/C, David as Deputy T/C and Phillip as Secretary/Treasurer. It is worthy of note that this is the 50th year Sheila has held this office and we congratulate her on this length of service and her accomplished leadership during that time.

The main discussion was about our ringing plans for the year. A wide variety of ideas had been put forward. One of the main events is our four-day ringing jamboree for HM Queen’s platinum jubilee from the 2nd to the 5th June, when the bells will be rung on each day. Details will be advertised locally. Other plans are to visit St.Neots (10) and Peterborough Cathedral (12) and hopefully, in the autumn to visit the Mancroft Ringinging and Discovery Centre in Norwich.

We will investigate inviting Scouts, Brownies and year six pupils to visit the tower as part of our PR work. And continuing in the PR theme, we hope to hold an interactive coffee morning in the autumn to raise money for our bell fund.

In November the Huntingdon District ringers will hold their meeting at Gt Gransden and we will host a training module (basic conducting) in October for the Association training day.

Plans are all well and good, but the proof will be in them coming to fruition. Needless to say, they will be reported here in due course.

L-R: Sheila P, Georgia, Tricia, Mirjam, David, Phillip, Sheila G, Hazel, Sue

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