Platinum Jubilee Plans and Preparations

We have a very busy week leading up to and including the Platinum Jubilee weekend. We will be ringing on each of the four days and all our ringers plus guests will be taking part. All our ringing will be dedicated to mark the jubilee celebrations and will be recorded with photographs on this website and on social media.

Wednesday 1st – Carry out final check of the bells (although this is done weekly). We’ll be decorating the ringing room with bunting and flags and making sure we are ready to welcome our visitors over the weekend. We’ll ring the bells up ready for Thursday ringing.

Thursday 2nd – 10.00am the bells will ring out to call changes, rung by some of the local team. This is a “performance piece” and will be recorded on the national database “BellBoard”. At 10.30am we will will host open ringing for anyone in the area to enjoy. In the evening we will hold our usual practice from 7.30pm. We will then ring the bells down ready for Friday.

Friday 3rd – 10.00am the tower will be open to all visitors to chime the bells. This will be a unique opportunity for non-ringers to chime a bell by gently pulling the ropes, and hearing what it sounds like from the ringing room. Local ringers will be on hand to guide and help. Photogarphs will be taken of the event as part of the Bluebell Community jubilee records.

Afterwads, the bells will be rung up in readiness for Saturday.

Saturday 4th – 2.00pm – A quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles will be rung by local and invited ringers. This is a performance piece too. The bells will be left up ready for Sunday.

Sunday 5th – 10.15am we will be ringing for the special jubilee service at 11.00am. In the evening at eight minutes to eight until twenty two minutes past eight (19:52 to 20:22) the local team will ring 70 call changes especially composed for the occasion. This ringing will close the village celebrations. This is also a performance piece. The bells will be left up.

Monday morning 6th – the bells will be rung down and the jubilee decorations removed from the ringing room.

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