Hazel Achieves Level 3

It was a long time coming but finaly Hazel has achieved her level 3 certificate in the Learning the Ropes Scheme run by the Association of Ringing Teachers.

The pandemic put a hold on everything and this was the reason why Hazel was not able to complete this level. Level 3 requires two quarter peals to be rung, one on the treble to a doubles method, and one on the tenor to a doubles method. Allowances are made if the tenor is too heavy for the ringer and this was the case at Great Gransden, so Hazel was able to completed the stage by ringing a second quarter peal on the treble, which was also to commemorate the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

The level 3 certificate came through this week and we presented it to Hazel at our practivce on Thursday, and here she is displaying it, with Phillip looking on, together with a grouop photo with the other ringers muddling themselves into some sort of order to get in the frame!

Published by Phillip George

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