Another Tower Visit and Ringing for the Revellers

Thursday 30th June gave us an opportunity to ring at Bourn for our practice. The church was being used for a dress rehearsal of the Revellers Time Travel performance scheduled for the 1st to 3rd July. Rather than cancel the practice we popped across the border to Bourn and were greeted by long term ringing friend Elinor, who is the tower captain.

Together with one other local ringer we managed to ring all eight bells to Rounds and we also rang the back six to Plain Hunt, Plain Bob Doubles and call changes.

It was a cool evening with rain showers but the bright sky gave a summery feel. The tower west door was open allowing the fresh air to breeze in. All our ringers managed very well, especially considering the much longer rope draft, it being a ground floor ring.

The Tower
The Team
The Ringing Room

Ringing for the Revellers 1-3 July

We’ve been busy this weekend, ringing for four performances of the Time Travellers, written and presented by The Revellers, the village amdram group.

The production was a series of playlets presented in nearby locations with the audience promenading between scenes. Many of the playlets were based on the history of the village, when among other things we learned about someone (top secret) who worked at Bletchley Park during WWII, a previous vicar the Rev James Plumptre (1812), and a particularly nasty character, local gambler and ne’er do well called Billy Whitehead. We also heard of the great fire, caused by a spark from the smithy’s forge, and how our school has developed across the ages (this performed by some of the children).

We were invited to ring for 20 minutes before each performance and mosts of our ringers were able to take part over the weekend. Sixty on thirds was called expertly on each occasion by Sheila G which conveniently fitted into the time allowed, and we sometimes had a small audience in the church as they were readying themselves for the show!

Three of our ringers, Sheila and David Prest and Hazel Pettit were also among the actors.

We received an acknowlegedment in the programme for our ringing as well as complimentary tickets for the other ringers, which we were delighted to accept.

Another splendid weekend of community spirit, good PR, and we had some cracking ringing!

The Church from Rippington Manor
The Sunday Ringers
Hazel, David and Sheila in Costume

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